How can I see you in person?

You can visit me at my ashram in Himachal Pradesh. Please note that I am not available throughout the year. You can check my schedule here.

It’s quite frustrating that I can’t email you directly. There’s a lot I want to share. Please give me your email address.

I know it can be annoying but the truth is I’ve absolutely no bandwidth to attend to personal queries. If my posts and discourses have failed to address your question, chances are I’ll disappoint you too. You can email me using this form. Please note, however, that your email will be read by a small team of volunteers and prioritized.

I emailed on the link provided on your website but never got a reply back.

Those emails are handled by a group of people. If you sent too long an email or too generic a question, it probably got filtered. Please read my posts first and hear my talks. If your question is still unanswered, you can then write in and someone will get back to you.

Will I get to see you in person if I visit your ashram?

If you follow the schedule, yes. I do try my best to give a private audience to everyone who visits. I’ll keep this tradition till whenever it’s practical.

How do I reach your ashram?

Please visit the ashram website (here) for directions etc..

Who writes your blog posts and books?

I do. I write all my posts myself. Every single word. For nearly five years, I wrote a post every week. Beginning, July 2, 2016, I write on the first and the third Saturday of every month. Saturday 6 a.m. IST.

Where can I find all your teachings?

On this blog, on my YouTube channel and Amazon. Plus, my column is also syndicated in the monthly magazine Tattvaloka.

Would you be open to speaking at a private event?

It depends on the event. Please email us the details.

While overall I find your talks good, I don’t agree with many things you say or do. What do I do in that situation?

You follow your heart. I never expect anyone to agree with me. If what I say benefits you, good. If it doesn’t sit well, simply put it aside. If it’s the truth, it’ll eventually make way into your mind and life. And if it isn’t, you would have one less thing to worry about.

How can I become your disciple?

Please read my writings thoroughly and let a lot of time pass. If you still feel the same way, approach me and I’ll guide you. A lot of the time, people read my works or hear my talks and become sentimental. They take me on as their guru but as time goes by, they start to wonder if it was the right decision. They gossip about me, judge me, even accuse me and also expect me to change so I fit in their frame of what makes a good guru. This spoils the most beautiful ancient tradition of guru-disciple. When I accept someone, I accept them exactly as they are. I’ve chosen my life after arriving at my own truth so my ways of working will remain more or less as they are. It’s important that you examine me, test me and accept me before you think of me as your guru. And as I said, let a lot of time pass from the moment you first have this thought to the one when you actually ask me. I am not in any hurry. I have no desire to have a following, be known or go far and wide. Truth just flows wherever it finds an avenue.

What are the conditions of becoming your disciple?

I don’t impart any rituals or routine or set any conditions, not in the first level of initiation at least. The only thing I ask is to stay true to your voice. There’s little wisdom in having a messy guru-disciple relationship. If you feel you are done with me, I’m very happy for you. Go, make your life and this world more beautiful. If you feel I’m not the same person to you now that I once was, please leave me and move on. It’ll help you retain the purity of your mind and this bond. As I said, if your thinking was right you’d end up in a better place and if it wasn’t, you would come back. If you do, Swami will welcome you with open arms again. Either way, you win.

Who was your guru?

Read my memoir for that please.

I like you but I also like listening to other gurus. Is that okay?

Of course, it is. Like a bee extracts honey from many flowers but eventually deposits it in the hive, feel free to benefit from whoever’s teachings as long as you become a better person. Ultimately, at a divine moment in your life, you’ll discover that all this hopping around is mostly pointless. Your heart and mind will settle at one place with one person. That person will be your guru.

Can you please give me a mantra?

Live. Love. Laugh. Give.

In one word?



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