The mind is a fragile thing. No matter how resilient and how persistent it can be, it is still fragile and mostly fickle. Why? Because it is quick to cling.

You see we are the sum total of our conditioning, tendencies and beliefs. Our mind quickly identifies itself with any belief it already has. So, as soon as someone or an idea fits into our belief system and matches our conditioning, we accept them

And unfortunately, this is detrimental to our growth. Where am I going with this? For a picnic! Wanna join? Just kidding.

On the path of spirituality, or should I say the path of discovering ourselves, it will be so tempting to stop along the way and cling to the beliefs others try to sell us.

The spiritual experiences which other people share or their view of God, or what God will be like, these are all very conditioned.

Have you noticed how when you don’t know anything about someone, they seem like the nicest person in the world, and then later as you get to know them, you realise that you are the nicest one. Right? Right? (I joke)

It all depends upon how we perceive the world and how others make us feel, think or behave. Most of our opinions, if not all, are also based on what we learnt from our upbringing and exposure to the world from a very young age.

So, what makes us believe that the truths of others are better than the one we seek? Perhaps it’s the need for approval. I dare even say that unless their presence melts us within or they are God or the avatar themselves, we should hold off before believing anyone. In fact, ten people may describe the same rose in 10 different ways, unless they are of pristine clean consciousness, then the truth will be imparted to us unpolluted. We cannot base our faith and our self-discovery on the perception of others.

It is futile to try to discover God or your guru through the eyes of others. And perhaps that’s where courage and self-confidence are essential. But as with everything in life, this too is a gradual process and patience is key.

All that said, it is much easier to believe and idolise other seekers or another person than to dig deep, contemplate, turn inwards and seek the truth within ourselves. When we choose to be courageous enough to not believe anyone else, when we only seek truth from one source, it ends up becoming a journey which we undertake on our own, and some may feel lonely. But the freedom this search and discovery brings, is very rewarding and liberating.

So, let me ask you:

What is your faith and belief based on? Is it based on the stories of others? Or is it based on your own experience with the Divine? In fact even your opinion of Swami, is it based on your inner experiences or the stories told by others.

God has a personal bond with every single person here, and you are as special as anyone, by just being kind and helpful, but our own ego makes us believe that people are closer to God than us and this attitude, and I am sharing this from my personal experience, dilutes our journey to discover our truth. If we start idolising people, then it creates barriers between us and the Divine, I feel. 

Are you going to the source, God, the Divine? Or are you borrowing your devotion from someone? I found out that for some months, I did survive on borrowed bhaav, while truth was just sitting sad and alone. Perhaps that’s why Om Swami emphasises the importance of solitude and reducing social interactions, because God is waiting to be ours, yet we are busy with others.

So, is it your truth or is your truth patiently waiting?

P.S: And yes, in this post, our Om Swami counts in the Divine category and not the earthling one😋

PPS: Apologies for reposting. I made some edits, including the the feature photo.
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