Often my friends ask me, “Sharma ji, what exactly is the purpose of worshipping?”

Well, let me frankly disclose at the very onset that I have no special affinity with the places of worship.

I believe that when He is present in each and every ज़र्रा (atom), there is no need to build “magnificent buildings” for Him.

Can a parent remain happy in His palatial palace when millions of His children are in penury, or homeless?

For me, any picturesque, quiet place where I can introspect and realize that a “rowdy river” can attain composure only by mingling with the “boundless, serene sea”, is a place of worship.

With dismay, I have found that for a majority of people, worshipping means “doing business” with the Almighty.

Instead of being grateful, they want the Master to be servile to them, to fulfil their मनोकामनाएं (selfish, petty desires) in lieu of some offerings.

I know many people who spend hours in shrines but are shorn of kindness, and affection towards His creation.

For the generality of people, worshipping means:

(a) incessantly burning piles of incense sticks.
(b) reading scriptures mechanically.
(c) fasting meticulously, regularly.

But trust me, the real purpose of worshipping is entirely different.

The fire transmits some of its warmth to the person sitting in front of it.
Likewise, worshipping means sitting close to God, meditating upon Him so that one may acquire some of His traits.

If a “religious” person does not become contented, composed, compassionate, charitable and caring towards His creation, then definitely there is something wrong with his way of worshipping!

~ Sanjay Gargish ~