The popular belief about the law of attraction is that we can attract what we desire through visualization. But the truth is stunningly simple: read on to learn the actual secret behind the law of attraction. Master manifestation, now!

You have probably read about the law of attraction. It talks about how to get from the universe whatever you want, that, you can attract love, wealth, good people and many other things in your life. Many a time people approach me and ask for my opinion about the whole theory of the law of attraction and if there is any truth to it.

They ask me if it is really possible to manifest, to attract, to get exactly what we want. And if it is, where are they going wrong, why are their dreams still unfulfilled? They tell me they have not done any bad karma (really!?), they have practiced visualization as per the law of attraction book and yet they are exactly where they did not want to be.

Secret Power of Giving and Law of Nature

Let me share a secret with you: You only ever get what you give. You give money, you get money; you give love, you get love; you give appreciation, you get appreciation, and so forth. Once you start giving something, not only do you start getting that back, but much more. And, Nature always returns multifold. This is the unfailing law of nature, you must be willing to part with what you wish to attract.

Law of attraction and Law of Nature

If you have ever been in the mountains, you may have experienced the echo phenomenon. Whatever you say out loud, it is said back to you multiple times.

The more you shout, the louder it gets back to you. This is the law, the fundamental principle. If you shout me, me, me, the universe shouts back at you me-me-me-me-me… If you say, I want money, it says I-want-money, I-want-money, I-want-money… If you shout give me love, it echoes back give-me-love, give-me-love, and so forth. Nature’s magnitude is much greater than yours. By shouting, you cannot win. The more you want, the more it wants too.

Once you start to give, it starts to give you back. When you start to say, I want to give, it says back I-want-to-give multiple times, when you shout I am grateful, it shouts back I-am-grateful… When you say, I don’t want anything, it also says back I-don’t-want-anything… You sow one kilogram of rice, you get four kilograms back. You can only ever reap what you sow and you can do so only after you have sown.

I have been out of the ashram for the past few days. I had to visit a dentist to get my sensitive gums treated. I often ate snow while in the Himalayas and that perhaps had made the situation worse. It was my first visit to this particular dentist. A periodontist, he had a state of the art clinic.

He was passionate, knowledgeable, spoke kindly, informed well, and treated with care and compassion. The treatment finished in two sittings. At the end of it, when I tried to pay for the treatment, he would not accept the payment. He said the vibes he got from me was his payment, that, he saw this as an opportunity to do some good, to do some service. I practically pleaded to pay. Predominantly because I have never accepted donations of money or material gifts for any personal needs.

I try not to keep what can be given. Nothing burdens me more than taking material gifts. But, he was adamant. After much toing froing, he accepted a partial sum.

Clearly, his karma has been registered in the universe. He is bound to get a thousand percent back. I know for a fact that this dentist is going to roll in money in the future; not because he offered to give, but with the sentiments and nobility he did so. This is how Nature operates. He gave without expectations and Nature will give him back without conditions. He was willing to give for what he worked, he was keen to share, Nature, therefore, will also part with the same, give him the same. You may want to read about the Spirit of Service

If you are just living for yourself, it is amateurish to even try the law of attraction, a little too ambitious to expect that Nature will give you just because you are asking for it.

If you cannot spare even a dollar for a noble cause, at least, you can spare some kind words, compassion, appreciation. If you cannot fill anyone’s pockets with money, perhaps you can fill someone’s heart with love. Nature does not require your money. It does not operate on money, it sustains on love and compassion. If you do your part, it always does its. By giving you become worthy of receiving.

What is more important to you: getting what you want or receiving what you need, to be careful about what you have or to be careworn about what you lack? Giving makes you light. When you give, the law of attraction starts to work for you.

If Nature chooses you as the medium to give, you are one fortunate person. To get what you want, you must start giving it first. And, learn to exercise patience. Nothing happens in a jiffy in the play of nature.

To attract iron, you must become a magnet, to attract bees, you need to become a flower. There is no room for artificiality. Genuinely be the magnet, and you will pull naturally.




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“What is the law of attraction”— may have been a question that’s run through your mind at some point. The post above simplifies it — give what you want to get it and the Universe will give back to you multifold. That’s all there is to it! The questions below delve deeper into this mystical phenomenon. Learn how to harness its power so that you may begin living your best life.
Why does the law of attraction never work, in my case?

A few days back someone, a worker at the lowest rung of the corporate ladder, told me that he’d always had a tough time with people at work. “I always seem to attract the opposite,” he said. “No one likes me. Why don’t people like me? Despite my right intentions, why do I attract the opposite?”

It’s not just his plight but many people I meet end up doing (or getting) the exact opposite of what they actually intended.

Whenever we show a violent, abrupt, or strong reaction to anything, we naturally draw our attention to that situation. The more attention we pay to negativity the more energy we channelize in cementing (and not diffusing) our adversities and disturbing emotions.

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How do we use the law of attraction to change our lives?

Each one of us is a cell in the Universal Body. On our own, no matter how powerful one person is, our existence is infinitely smaller than the smallest number we can imagine. On a collective scale though, every individual is critical to the existence of the universe.

The Law of Attraction 1

The law of attraction is based on seeking attention of the universal body. Its scale is infinitely larger than ours though — like an ant trying to stop an elephant in the tracks. What is a lifetime struggle for an average human being is simply but a momentary effort for the universal consciousness.

One individual’s efforts or thoughts can’t bring a universal change. Though such change may well be triggered by one person but to make a sustainable or a profound impact requires collective consciousness. And, this brings me to the most important part of my thesis.

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What are the principles of the law of attraction?

Nobility of intention is not a concept your mind understands. It is the concentration of a thought that matters, the more concentrated a thought, the stronger it is. From the perspective of manifestation, moral purity is not the most important factor, it is the intensity and persistence of the thought.

The Law of Attraction 2

Whatever you focus on resolutely, without any doubts in your mind, it starts to manifest in your life. There is your law of attraction!

Whatever you feel strongly about, you will attract, be it positive thoughts or negative thoughts. For anything you have an emotion for, you will attract it in your life.

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How are the law of attraction and law of karma connected?

In the whole scheme of things, in the play of nature, the bottom line does not change, the grand total remains the same regardless of the volume and nature of individual transactions. If you have accumulated a certain debt, it is you alone who has to pay it back. That’s your karmic account.

The law of attraction and the law of karma may well operate in tandem, but it is possible for one to do bad karma yet still excel at attracting good things. The reverse is also true — one may be a wonderful person and may still attract terrible things in life.

Good or bad, that does not absolve him off his karmic debt, it does not get written off. It is dealt with separately by Nature. It is for this reason that sometimes who you may call bad, they continue to flourish till their last breath. They can attract the desired things in life.

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If the law of attraction is based on free will, what is destiny?

In my view, the question of destiny or free will is a philosophical problem and has little to do with our real lives.

This question has no meaning to begin with. Just because we can string together some words and put an interrogative mark at the end does not mean we have formed a valid question. For one thing, we can neither prove nor disprove either destiny or free will. When you take one as the sole truth, you’ll find plenty of contradictory evidence.

With destiny, we are assuming that something that is bound to happen will happen no matter what. And the concept of free will states that our life happens to us at our discretion, that we make free choices uninfluenced by anything called karma, destiny or whatever. The truth is somewhere in between.

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